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    Sculptures live thanks to music

    Not long ago, I decided, as a composer, to try working together with creators in other media.
    I explored possibilities of integrating art, combining music with theatre, Pantomime video and fine arts.
    I was not interested in having music serve simply as an accompaniment.
    The results were shows with actors performing as improvising musicians, pantomime
    with modern music (Mim-Music), feedback, musical graphics, graphical music, video performances with "moving time" (Audio-Video-Art) etc. I thought I had reached my limits, but no, thanks to Jan Sliwka and his moving sculptures. From our very first meeting, I was filled with enthusiasm for his ideas. But I have been conscious of the colossal difficulties that lay before us.
    He explained the system by which music animates his sculptures. Sounds become electronical imptilses and these go into the "muscles", i.e. electric motors, like the breath of life.
    Sculptures live thanks to music.
    Jan's imagination, devotion and enthusiasm have greatly inspired me. He gave me an absolutely free hand and I felt it was my mission to bring his sculptures to life, simply through my music.
    Our plans are now to work together in getting the public to participate spontaneously.
    Working with Jan at his Wooden Sculpture Theatre has suggested fresh musical material to me and inspired a new composition of mine - the "Wooden Music" string quintet.

    K. P. Zgraja (composer)

    1. Council of Europe Strasbourg
    2. Centrum Galler -Art Shop-Basel/Switzerland
    3. ART 12/81 International Art Fair Basel Museum of Altdorf/Switzerland
    4. ART 14/83 Basel
    1983 ART EXPO DALLAS 1983
    2. Centrum Gallery-Art Shop- Basel -Neocon Market Chicago
    3. Dallas
    1985 ART Basel ........
    1986 Art cologne ........

    My aim now is to create, or rather construct, animated sculpture in a town centre, the sound-impulses to be provided by the noises of the town - factories, streets, houses etc. The sculpture will wake and sleep with the town. Thus I may express, or at least point to one of Man's problems: Man created and built the town but is now its subject, bound to accept its laws. The master has become the siave of his own creation.

    Jan Sliwka

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