"CD - Krzysztof Zgraja - cover text"

Krzysztof Zgraja

This record, whose content has been selected from two discs the "Alter Ego" and the "Laokoon" released in the Polish Jazz Series, presents two different profiles of Krzysztof Zgraja the jazzman. The "Alter Ego" has music recorded by the composer together with Czeslaw Gladkowski. I am afraid that it may fall short of the expectations of some orthodox fans of pure jazz. The reason for this lies in the fact that the musicians, although steeped in the jazz Tradition in the widest sense, make forays into the uncharted areas rather than draw on the familiar and the comfortable. They use the tradition more as a point of reference at most, or even disregard it altogether when they juxtapose the flute with the bass to an unexpectedly interesting effect. The music on the record seems to have its roots in the mainstream as well as free jazz laced with a generous helping of both the traditional and avant-garde serious music. The record sums up a romantic period in Mr. Zgraja musical development, marked by intensive experimentation and a search for new forms. On the other and the "Laokoon" shows Mr. Zgraja at his conservative best, exploring the tradition. However, there are no standards on the record. lt consists only of his own compositions which make a colourful collage of blues, a classical ballad, an Andalusian tune and a funky miniature. Here Mr. Zgraja experiments again, processing the sound of the flute with various electronic devices such as echoplex, triplex, harmonizer and flanger to produce unexpected effects. You will, in all probability, listen intently to the whole record on account of Mr. Zgraja and the other musicians, who although of different styles and interests, on this occasion have managed to mix well in a genuine common effert.

Andrzej Karpinski